Monday, 5 March 2012

River Dee @ Middle Drum 03/03/2012

My friend Charlie and I had booked a day on Middle Drum back in December and had been looking forward to it since then. It is always a pleasure fishing with Shane Christie the ghillie. He is great company and always up for a laugh and a bit of craic. He also knows his beat inside out, having been there since he left school.
Prior to going Charlie and myself had our pre-trip phone calls as the excitment grew. Discussing tactics, flies and the post fishing pints in the Irvine Arms! A vigilent eye was kept on the FishDee website all week and we were buoyed by the fact Tilbouries opposite had a fish on Thursday.
I picked up Charlie on Saturday morning and was welcomed in as usual and treated to a bacon buttie and a cup of tea. We set off and arrived at the beat about 8.40am and tackled up. We met Shane at his hut along with Jim who we have fished with a few times before. After discussing tactics we were alocated our pools for the morning. I was to fish the Lawson with Jim and Charlie headed up to the Island and Cairnton. There were lots of kelts showing and a few Springers showed too. We both tried as best we could to cast a line into the driving rain and gales, try as we might though, it was not happening. We had to re-cast between gusts and even then it was coming right back at us!
None of us even had a touch for the morning and it was to be the same story in the afternoon. Conditions were much better after lunch and the rain finally stopped too. I fished all the way down from the Island, through Cairnton, Lawson and Kelpie pools without eevn a pull. Charlie was the same. The fish just were not for catching, even the kelts were pre-occupied with something else.
We had a great day out, although none of us hooked anything. It was good to catch up with Shane again as it's a beat I have enjoyed fishing everytime I've been and will do again. Here are some pictures from our day.
Looking upstream from the tail of the massive Lawson Pool. Fishing from the bank all the way down.
Looking upstream from the Kelpie Pool. This is a cracking low water pool and has accounted for a few 30lb plus fish.
The rain has gone and Im fishing down the top pool, the Island Run. Another good wee pool. You fish it by wading the top part and off the bank after the tree mid way down..
Cairnton Pool. Wading is essential here unless water is very high. The Tilbouries hut in the background.
Having the final few casts on the Lawson at dusk.

Ghillie Shane Christie and myself. Good guy and great company.

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