Tuesday, 27 September 2011

River Don Salmon 27/09/11

My dad was out for a few hours today on the River Don today. He was fishing the worm on the Upper Parkhill beat. At around 2.30pm he returned a coloured fish around the 7lb mark. The fish was caught on  the worm. He later said there was a hugh run of fish went through the pools about tea time. Here is a picture of his fish.
Quick photo of a cock Salmon before it's return.

Friday, 23 September 2011

River Deveron - Turriff Angling Association 23/09/2011

Was fishing the Turriff AA stretch of the River Deveron today with my friend Charlie. We arrived at the beat about 7.30am and met one of the local rods. He talked us through all the pools and explained where all the likely taking spots and lies were. During our day we met several of the local rods and would like to mention just how kind and helpful they all were. What a fine bunch of guys who went out their way to help and make you feel welcome. Now to the fishing.  We were informed that the gauge was steady and sitting at 6" which was a good height for the beat. We tackled up and headed to the top of the beat, Charlie went in at the Cairns pool and I fished the lovely looking Island Stream. Charlie saw a good few fish splashing in the Cairns and one that had been in a good while but was over 20lbs easily. Neither of us touched anything and we headed down to the Burnmoo pool and the Bridge pool. Again neither of us touched a thing but a local rod told us that high tide was at 9.20am and we should start seeing fish aroung 3-4 o'clock. After luch we fished the below the bridge which is double bank fishing. I started in the neck of the Worming Hole and Charlie started at the Wires Pool. What great water to fish the fly at 6" on the gauge. Once again nothing touched, which was becoming a regular theme! We did see 2 or 3 Grilse moving through but they didn't hang about. We packed up about 6.30pm wondering where all the fish were and how come during the end of September why we didn't see much either. The Deveron is famous for it's back end run but just typical, during our day out, the fish were not playing ball! Here is a few snaps of the beat.
The hand crafted sign in the car park.
Island Stream which is a nice bit of fly water. The banks through-out the beat were in tip top shape. Hats off to the Turriff AA who should be very proud of what they have here.
BurnMoo Pool which was more suitable for spinning due to the slow moving nature of it but we fished it through none the less.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Craigellachie Beat - River Spey 17/09/2011

Had a day here with my friend Charlie Robertson. We arrived at the main Hut around 8.20 to be greeted by the Upper beat's Ghillie, Chris. He informed us that during the night the river had risen about 9" and was very dark in colour. He suggested that Spring fishing tactics would be the order of the day. I started in the Broom Isle pool and Charlie started in the Garden Pool. I tackled up with a S1/S2 Vision Ace shooting head and a Rio 10' 5.6ips tip. I tied on a size 7 Green Arsed Ghillie which I had tied up the night before. About half way down the pool I got a really solid thump on the fly and the fish took a yard or two of line as I was slowly stripping my fly in. I clamped the line, lifted into the fish and nothing there! I then lost the fly round a big boulder and my confidence went with it! Charlie fished down through the Garden pool without a touch and he then headed up to the Broom Isle and I fished the Garden. Charlie had a pull on his 1" Park shrimp roughly where I did and I didn't touch anything in the Garden Pool.

After lunch we were to fish the bottom beat with Ghillie Dougie Ross. He showed us the water and taking spots, which were right in at our bank due to the high water. Charlie started at the Upper Slabs and I started in the Lower Slabs. Plenty of fish showing throught-out the pool and confidence was restored when I got a good pull on a 1" copper Red Francis. I fished down through the pool to finish just below the main hut but didn't touch anything else. Charlie fished on through with the same outcome. I then headed up to the top and changed fly to a 1" copper Blue and Orange tube. About a rod length out from where the boat is moored I got another pull but again didn't hook up. Frustrating but at least we knew there was fish there.

Once we said our fair well to Dougie at 5pm we fished through the Slabs again. Nothing doing so we headed down to the Bridge Pool. What a lovely cast! Would love to see it when the water was a perfect height because even with 2' on the gauge it was a pleasure to fish. There was a few fish showing just under the old Craigellachie bridge but 2 runs through each with various flies and sink tips we didn't touch anything. At 7.30pm we called it a day. No Salmon caught but a good day on a cracking beat, just a pity the water was on the high side as the Ghillie had told us "It was almost perfect yesterday". We headed into Aberlour to the Mashed Tun bar/restaurant for a pint or two and a homemade burger and chips.

Some pools like the Tunnels, Doo's Nest and Boat of Fiddich were just too high to fish. Didn't get any pictures of them but next time im there, hopefully in lower water, I will and maybe a fish from the River Spey too. We will be back next year!

Broom Isle Pool

Just out from the last bunch of reeds is where I got a good take from a fish but I didn't hook up.

Fishing down the Garden Pool with the MacAllan hut on the far bank. Even with a S3 shooting head and a 2" copper tube, the fly was stll speeding round this pool. Lovely cast.
Half Time - Heading to the Main Hut for lunch.
Fishing Upper Slabs. Had another take just off of the boat on a 1" Blue and Orange copper tube.

Full house at the main MacAllan hut at lunchtime.
Charlie Robertson fishing the tail of Lower Slabs.
The bridge pool and the old Craigellachie Bridge. Cracking fly water.
An upstream picture of the bridge. Wouldn't fancy falling in here. The water below the bridge circles like a whirl pool!