Sunday, 27 March 2011

Lower Blackhall River Dee 26-03-2011

My Friend Charlie Robertson had a day on the Lower Blackhall beat this Saturday. Here are some pictures of the beat. Some lovely looking pools which would be a dream to cast a fly on.
The well maintained hut on the Lower Blackhall beat, River Dee.
A fisherman's view of the Sandy Haven pool.

A view of the same pool but this time from the South bank looking towards the bridge at Banchory.
The Whinney Brae pool. Nice looking piece of fly water.
The Sheep Dip pool. This time last year it produced a lovely Springer of 12lbs for Charlie. The picture of this beauty is on here under an earlier post.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Middle Drum 19-03-2011

Had a day out on Middle Drum today. The river was in good shape, dropping away after the rise mid week. It was also running gin clear. Drew the top of the beat am. Managed a wee kelt about 10am from the Island Run pool on a small Cascade bottle tube. In the afternoon I fished the Lawson pool.
A view from the top of the hill looking down towards Middle Drum and Tilbouries hut.

Around 3.45pm I landed this beauty from the Lawson Pool on a monkey fly.
After only a few casts just before dark,ghillie Shane Christie landed this sparkler outside his hut. It was caught on a Willie Gunn tube around 6.10pm. Nice way to end the day.

Friday, 18 March 2011

Upper Blackhall River Dee 17-03-2011

My friend Charlie Robertson was fishing here on Thursday with a well known River Dee stalward Eddie Allan. They managed two kelts for their day. The river was quiet in they way of fresh springers but when the water settles down again after the rise at the start of the week, im sure things will pick up. For that im sure! Beautiful looking beat with some outstanding fly water in a secluded part of Deeside.
The wood burner heating up the hut just in time for lunch!

A look down the Scobbach Pool into the misty Corner Pool. Classic fly water.

The Lower Woodend hut. The porch was not there when I fished it last. Looks good.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

River Don Upper Parkhill 12-03-2011

It was getting pretty wild just before I left the river around 11.30.
Looking upstream on Cockers Pool towards the Glebe, not that it could be seen in this conditions!
Cockers Pool on the River Don near Dyce. I hooked the fish below in here around 10am. I cast square towards the tree and slowly stripped in a Monkey fly. The fish took almost straight away.
A fresh sea trout of about 3lbs from Cockers. Fin perfect and fresh as a daisy! It took just before the blizzard started.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Middle Drum Beat River Dee 05-03-2011

The tail of the Cairnton Pool looking towards the Tilbouries Hut. I had a good solid take in this pool but never hooked the fish! My friend Charlie landed a kelt just off the point after the fast streamy water.
Looking down the Cairnton Pool toward the neck of the Lawson Pool. Lovely cast and lots of fish showing in here.
Mid-way down the Lawson Pool. I had another good solid take after about 3 casts down from the hut. Fish took 8' of line but when i lifted into it, it was off! Disaster and I was left disapponted again. The pool was stuffed with kelts and plenty of big fresh Springers showing from time to time too. Must have seen a couple of dozen springers in this pool alone. Good stuff!
A nice holding spot for fresh fish and kelts just opposite the pipe on the Middle Drum bank. Took all afternoon to fish down the Lawson Pool. It's massive! No fish today. Back on the 19th to try it all again.