Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Middle Drum Beat River Dee 05-03-2011

The tail of the Cairnton Pool looking towards the Tilbouries Hut. I had a good solid take in this pool but never hooked the fish! My friend Charlie landed a kelt just off the point after the fast streamy water.
Looking down the Cairnton Pool toward the neck of the Lawson Pool. Lovely cast and lots of fish showing in here.
Mid-way down the Lawson Pool. I had another good solid take after about 3 casts down from the hut. Fish took 8' of line but when i lifted into it, it was off! Disaster and I was left disapponted again. The pool was stuffed with kelts and plenty of big fresh Springers showing from time to time too. Must have seen a couple of dozen springers in this pool alone. Good stuff!
A nice holding spot for fresh fish and kelts just opposite the pipe on the Middle Drum bank. Took all afternoon to fish down the Lawson Pool. It's massive! No fish today. Back on the 19th to try it all again.


  1. Looks like you were having a blast! Great blog, you got a new follower

  2. Thanks for following Dustin. Glad your liking it!!!