Tuesday, 31 January 2012

River Dee 2012

Good Luck to everyone fishing the River Dee tomorrow and 2012 season. Let's hope it's a good one and the river keeps on the upward trend in terms of catches. I'm off to the opening ceremony tomorrow  morning to see Paul Whitehouse deliver the opening cast. I will post some pictures and videos from the event later tomorrow evening.

The famous Potarch Bridge where the 2012 River Dee opening ceremony will take place on 01/02/12 on the Bridge Pool. The traditional first cast and blessing of the river will be preformed by comedian and Dee regular Paul Whitehouse.
Tight Lines To All For 2012

Monday, 30 January 2012

New Fishing Hut At Kincardine O' Neil

I was out for a walk this Sunday past along the River Dee at Kincardine O' Neil to check out their new hut. The new hut is facing the Boat Pool and it's a beauty! Lots of room inside and a wood burner for heating during the cold days of Spring. There was a few kelts splashing about and I saw a fresh fish around 10lbs heading and tailing at the neck of the Village Pool. Should think there will be a good few caught from the Dee this week. Here are some pictures from yesterday.
The new hut at Kincardine O' Neil. All ready for the new season kicking off this Wednesday 01/02/2012.
Log store well stocked and ready to heat the hut in the cold Spring months ahead.

Looking down the Village pool. This is a lovely cast and the river is running at a good height at the moment.

Looking upstream to the Boat Pool. Looking forward to fishing here from the Carlogie side in 3 weeks time.

A couple of pheasants feeding in field adjacent to the Village Pool.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Some More Flies For The New Season

Charlie Robertson has been busy at the vice this past week and has sent me some pictures of his work. His flies include the famous Dee Monkey, Gold Body Willie Gunn, Black and Yellows and his own creation, the Manar Monkey.
Some Gold Willie Gunns tied on copper tubes and a must have for the Dee in Spring, the Black and Yellow tube.
A team of Dee Monkey flies tied on bottle tubes. Charlie has used racoon zonker for the wing and it looks superb.
Charlie's own creation....The Manar Monkey. Tied on Eumer tubes with a cone head, these flies will be getting their maiden swim on February 11th at Manar. The opening day for the Aberdeenshire Don.
A nice picture of some more Dee Monkey flies. This fly is a "go-to" fly in the Spring and has many Springers to it's name.

Monday, 9 January 2012

A Walk Along The Middle Don

Charlie Robertson and his friends from Manar had a winter walk along the middle beats of the River Don. He has sent me some pictures of their day out. Some lovely looking pools in this area and the Inverurie stretch is council water and good value for money. Some lovely salmon are caught here every month of the season. From opening day to the closing day. They also took a stroll along the Manar beat and it's a beat I really enjoy fishing. The lads who fish there are first class and a pleasure to fish along side. The hut is also very welcoming with it's wood burner and rogues gallery on the wall. Some beautiful fish have been caught over the years and just this season past, a sparkling sea-liced fish over 20lbs was landed. Here are the pictures from Saturday's walk.

Setting off in the morning. The famous Black pot pool on the Inverurie Water in the back ground. Lovely view from the top of the valley looking down to the River Don.
Having a look at the Kiepy Pool. Well worth a cast here. Good looking piece of water and can be very productive.
Time for a tea break. The lads stop off at Mike's farm for a cup of tea and to give the dogs a wee rest. From left to right, Ian, Charlie, Duncan and Mike.
A view of the Manar Fishings hut from the South bank.
After covering a good few miles the lads stop off at the Manar hut for a hot drink or something a bit more refreshing!