Sunday, 19 June 2011

Not Much Happening On The Don

Was out and about on the Lower Don today. Its was blowing a gale and the rain was lashing it down for most of the day. I only saw one fish and by the look of it, had been in the river for a few months! Here are a few pictures I'd taken of the river and surroundings.
A pair of swans feeding on the far bank.

The hut on the pool which came in very handy today as the rain poured down.
Looking downstream from the door of the hut.
I've always wondered what this stone monument like structure in the background was?
A foxglove growing out of the dyke running behind the hut.

Monday, 13 June 2011

24lb Salmon Found Dead In The River Don

This fish was found lying belly up in the Lower Wood Pool of Manar. On removal by the River Don Bailiffs, this fish weighed in at 24lbs and was a bar of silver!!! Scales were taken and the fish was sent for analaysis (awaiting results). Last week on the Dee I encountered two fish covered in a similar fungal like growth around the gills. The bailiffs told of fish from other river systems with the same symptoms. Could it possibly be caused by the low, warm water? Hopefully when the results come back I'll be able to tell you more. Such a shame, it would have been a belter of a fish.

A Spring Day At Manar Beat On The River Don

He is a few pictures of the Manar Beat on the River Don. Pictures taken by Charlie Robertson.

A picture of the hut which is heated by a nice wee wood burner for the cold Spring days.
Daffys in full bloom on the bank.
My friend Charlie ready for a day's fishing.
Success! A beauty of 8lbs in the net taken on a small Stoat's Tail.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

A Few Trout From The River Don

Just a couple of Trout and a Sea Trout which took a liking to my Sunray Shadow. I also lost a Salmon on the same fly yesterday afternoon.

Crathes River Dee 04-06-2011

Booked a days fishing here through FishDee at the last minute. The water was reading 2 inches on the beat gauge. I didn't catch anything but one of the rods, Douglas had a nice 15lber covered in long-tailed sea lice from the Island pool in the morning on a small Cascade. One of the other rods lost a couple of fish in the morning too. I fished on for the sea trout with the same result.
Looking towards the hut from the bank of Birkenbaud pool.

Fishing down the Island pool into Upper Birkenbaud.

Top of the beat and looking upstream towards a very wet looking Cairn o' Mount.