Sunday, 31 July 2011

Salmon And Sea Trout From Manar

My friend Charlie Robertson has kindly sent me a few pictures of a couple of cracking looking fish he caught from the Don last week. The Salmon was 11lbs and the Sea Trout, which took a Monkey Fly was 3lbs.
11lb fresh run Salmon from the Don.

A fresh run 3lb Sea Trout about to be returned.

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Deecastle River Dee 27-07-2011

My Dad and I had a day on Deecastle beat. It's part of the Glen Tanar estate and it has some of the best looking fly water pools I have ever fished. We arrived at the Red Brae hut arout 8.30am and it was already bright and sunny, which during the afternoon would see temperatures reach 26c. Not the best conditions for salmon fishing. Most of the pools had fish splashing about in them which was encouraging. I managed to land a 20lb cock fish from the Ministers Pool just above Dinnet Bridge at 1.30pm. The fish took a size 10 Black Francis and I only had 10lb leader on also which made my heart skip a few beats during the 30 minute battle! Here are some pictures of our day.
I started in this pool called the Highburn. Stunning views!
Red Brae pool where my Dad started in the morning.
After fishing down through Highburn and Red Brae without a touch I headed up to Pol Slachd.
Fishing the Pol Slachd.
Looking up from Polbaw to Pol Slachd.
Minister's Pool where I landed my biggest ever Salmon.
Let the battle commence!
30 minutes later and safely in the net. I only had 10lb leader on which got  wrapped around the tail of the fish during playing it, but luckily in came un-done. The fish had some unstoppable runs and had me down under the bridge at one point. I have never been so nervous playing a fish when I seen it for the first time. After calculating its measurement  (38" long) we estimated it at between 20-21lbs according to the weight chart from Fish Dee and Ally Gowans.. I recorded it as 20lbs.
Just a couple of shots of how thick the fish was.
A quick trophy shot before slipping it back.
The fly that did the damage which I tied the night before. It's a size 10 Black Francis.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Tilbouries River Dee 21/07/11

Had a day on the Tilbouries beat of the River Dee on the 21st. Water was a good height and 4 fish were landed the day before I arrived. I didn't catch anything this time but one of the rods landed a 8lb bar of silver around lunch time. Blanked but it's a lovely beat and Willie Banks the Ghillie/Owner knows it inside out and was more than happy to help me out regarding the lines, tips and lies etc. Here are some pics of the beat.
Just below the junction half way down the Island Pool.
Looking upstream towards the Tilbouries hut and the start of the Cairnton Pool.
Fishing down through the Cairnton to the Larches (Pool just off the bend on the right) were the 8lb fish was landed.
The hugh Lawson Pool. At this height of water, the fish were all hugging the far bank (Middle Drum) and to cover them wading out as far as you dared was essential. It is hard work fishing down this pool up past your waist in water trying to reach the far side. I was knackered when I got home after a few runs down here!

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Out And About On The Lower Don 16/7/11

Was out and about on the Don today. Didn't see any salmon but two Brown Trout took my Sunray. Both fish were a good pound or so. I also took some video footage of a Black Bear Flamethrower in the water as there was not much else to see today!
The first of two Brown Trout taken on a 3/4 inch Sunray
The second Trout on the same fly from a pool called The Streams.

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Scottish Game Fair 03/07/2011

Had a day down at at game fair at Scone Palace, Perth on Sunday. It was a cracking day in beautiful surroundings. Plenty of shopping to be had and loads of local produce to fill the fridge with. After trawling around all the various stalls and activities I sat down and watched a 30 minute casting demo from Scott Mackenzie in the Main Ring. He makes throwing a hugh line look so simple and effortless! Got a bit sun-burnt on my face but had a great day and will be back again next year.
Scott Mackenzie giving his demo in the Main Ring.
A picture of me with the 3 times World Spey Casting Champion.
Not like seeing one in the wild but a snap of a Golden Eagle.
Heads up! The amazing Clann Un Drumma in the Main Ring.
A stunt plane flying overhead.