Monday, 28 February 2011

Day 3 Carlogie 26-02-2011

Returning a Baggot caught from the Village Pool at Carlogie. It took a 1 1/2" Willie Gunn tube.

Day 2 at Carlogie 25-02-2011

Looking up to the neck of the Boat Pool

Snow drops on the bank. Spring on it's way?

Looking towards the Kincardine hut from the Calm Pool
Nothing to report for the Friday except two double figure kelts from the bottom of the Village Pool. Water was on the rise all day and it finished up around the 7' mark on the Potarch gauge.

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Day 1 at Carlogie 24-02-2011

A big kelt which took my fly this morning. Second one of four I got today. Still no sign of a Springer.

The main Carlogie Hut

Looking down to the Village Pool from the Boat Pool

Top of the Pitslug Pool
First of 3 days fishing on the Carlogie beat, River Dee. Water was a bit on the high side due to snow melt but it was running clear. Due to the high water, all 3 rods fished the Boat pool and Village Pool. I caught 3 kelts in the morning from the Village Pool on a Gold Bodied Willie Gunn. I also lost another 4. I fished the top of the beat in the afternoon for a while and caught another kelt from the Pitslug Pool. The water rose a fair bit in the afternoon and when I left just after 5 o'clock, it had risen to 5' 5" on the Potarch gauge. Hopefully it's not a wash out tomorrow!

Saturday, 12 February 2011

First Outing Of The Season At Park Today

The famous Park beat hut on the Aberdeenshire River Dee.
Looking downstream in the Castleton Pool. I got 2 sea trout kelts at the bottom of here on a Monkey fly.

Looking downstream in the Durris Stream.

Looking upsream from the Durris to the bottom of the Cellar Pool.

Here is a few pictures from my day a Park today. The water rose a bit last night after heavy rain and the gauge read 43" this morning. No springers from the the beat today but plenty kelts.  I managed 2 sea-trout kelts which was fine to get the heart racing again and to put a bend on the rod. Both fish took a 1 inch copper Monkey just before the fly came on to the dangle in the Castleton pool. It was very wet and windy in the morning but it turned out a fine afternoon. Nice to meet the other rods. A fine bunch of lads. Keith the ghillie is also a topper of a guy. Had a good day out. Hopefully next time I'll encounter a nice Dee Springer. I will be back to try again!!!