Monday, 9 January 2012

A Walk Along The Middle Don

Charlie Robertson and his friends from Manar had a winter walk along the middle beats of the River Don. He has sent me some pictures of their day out. Some lovely looking pools in this area and the Inverurie stretch is council water and good value for money. Some lovely salmon are caught here every month of the season. From opening day to the closing day. They also took a stroll along the Manar beat and it's a beat I really enjoy fishing. The lads who fish there are first class and a pleasure to fish along side. The hut is also very welcoming with it's wood burner and rogues gallery on the wall. Some beautiful fish have been caught over the years and just this season past, a sparkling sea-liced fish over 20lbs was landed. Here are the pictures from Saturday's walk.

Setting off in the morning. The famous Black pot pool on the Inverurie Water in the back ground. Lovely view from the top of the valley looking down to the River Don.
Having a look at the Kiepy Pool. Well worth a cast here. Good looking piece of water and can be very productive.
Time for a tea break. The lads stop off at Mike's farm for a cup of tea and to give the dogs a wee rest. From left to right, Ian, Charlie, Duncan and Mike.
A view of the Manar Fishings hut from the South bank.
After covering a good few miles the lads stop off at the Manar hut for a hot drink or something a bit more refreshing!

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