Saturday, 17 March 2012

River Don - Lower Fintray

Had a cast this morning for a couple of hours. The sun was bright and the water was the lowest for this time of year, that I've ever seen it! I headed to the Manse Pool on the Lower Fintray beat of the Don. I fished down the pool without seeing or touching anything.

I noticed that due to the warmish winter the weed on the river bed has not been killed off by the cold water this year. It does not look good for later in the season when the place will be choked. I headed down to the Streams and didn't touch anything there either. I did see a fish show just at the foot of the hill as you come down to the pool on the South bank. The amount of weed in this pool makes it very hard to fish in this low water. Even a fly fished on a full floating line was getting snagged ever cast.

I gave up and headed down to the Cothal Pool. This is probably one of the best high water pools on the whole river. Today though it was down to the bare bones but it was interesting to look into the water with my polaroids on and see the bottom as it's not often you can see that deep. It was worth while as I was looking out for possible lies ie big stones, drop offs etc.

It's all noted for next time the river is in spate. It's badly needing it! Here are some pictures of the pools.
The Manse Pool. It will hold fish for opening day to closing day. I much prefer it with about 1ft more water on the gauge. Still must be one of the best pools on the River Don.
Looking upstream from the tail of the Manse Pool.
The weed clogging up the weir heading down into the Streams. Not usually this much weed  at this time of year, probably due to the warmish, low water we have had most of the winter.
Looking up river from the Streams. This is another lovely piece of water with a bit more on the gauge.
Looking downstream. About 30 yards above the railings down to the tail of the pool on the South bank is best part. Last back-end it was holding a lot of fish. Most I've ever seen in here. More of the same this year please!
The tail of the Streams and into the Cothal Pool. This is my Dad's favourite pool and spends a lot of hours fishing here though-out the season. The faster water runs into a big deep pool. In the high water this will hold the fish for a while after they have run up the rapids from Fae-Me-Well pool.

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