Monday, 26 March 2012

Grey Seal On The River Don @ Lower Parkhill

Had a day off work today and thought it would be a good idea to get on my bike and go for a cycle. I headed off from my house and made my way to the Parkhill road bridge crossing the River Don at Dyce. I cycled down to the pool called The Dooker.

I noticed a big wake moving upstream. I first though it was an otter or mink but when it bobbed it's head out of the water it was a Grey Seal. This part of the river must be about 7 miles from the sea and for a seal to get up this far in low water, over some of the big weirs at Cruives and Grandholm etc is good going. There can't be much fish hanging around the mouth since it came this far up-river to find food.

Here is a couple of short clips of the seal making it's way upstream and a picture. Not the best quality as I was sitting on my bike at the time. Hopefully you can make it out as I thought it would be interesting to see.
Not the best picture but you can hopefully see the Grey Seal's head bobbed up in the water.

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