Sunday, 26 February 2012

Day 3 Carlogie 25/02/2012

Well today the wind had all but disappeared and the water had dropped back to around the 1' 8" mark. After a welcome overnight frost the river temperature dropped to 41f. No excuses today as not to hook anything! I stared my day in the Boat and Village pools and in the afternoon I headed to fish the Mill pool all the way down to the Flats. Lovely area to fish. Some beautiful looking pools. The whole beat fished today so some new water for me as it's been too high in the past. The 3 days ended with no fish to report but very enjoyable none-the-less. We did see lots of fish moving through the pools so the Upper Dee, when it opens on 1st March, might have a good start to their season. Just an outstanding beat to fish in a lovely area of Deeside. Sean and Ian, as ever were very welcoming and always willing to help. I gained a lot of information regarding lies etc from them. Sean knows his beats like the back of his hand and was only too happy to share his knowledge with his fishers. I am fishing the opposite bank (Kincardine) in August so this will be very useful. Cheers guys! Will be back next year to try again. Here are some pictures from my day.
Mill Pool. Looking accross to the Lower Dess huts. Such a lovely area and the pool is not bad either! An angler landed 2 kelts here in the morning but I didn't see or touch anything here.
Looking downstream in the Mill Pool.
The Mill on the Lower Dess bank which the pool is named.
Fishing down through Jock Rae. The fish all lie on the left hand side of the fast water. Another cracking pool. I did see a few splashing in here at neck of the pool.
March Pool. Didn't see anything in here but the fish lie on the far bank in the faster water. A long cast is required to cover them but the wading is easy. You don't want to wade too far as it will disturb the fish.
The Calm Pool. Sean Stanton was telling me how a massive gravel shift during the winter has filled in a good part of this pool. The lies are shifting further over to the Kincardine bank each year. Another pool requiring a good long cast and wading out about a third over. Again, easy wading and a delight to fish.
The well equipped Carlogie hut. It has a sofa, cooker, toilet, table and chairs and the all important wood burning stove.
Lucky Hole and Whin Bush pools. There are some big stones mid river and each one is a good lie for running fish as they stop for a rest. You can see why as they have to navigate to really fast water to reach here.
The Flats and Clay Pot. Didn't really have the time or energy to have a cast in here. I covered a fair bit of water today and was shattered by the time I got here. Pity though as it looks a nice bit of water. Maybe next year if the water is low enough. Fingers crossed!

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