Sunday, 26 February 2012

Day 1 Carlogie 23/02/2012

I had my annual 3 day trip to Carlogie this week. On Thursday the water was sitting at 3' on the Potarch Bridge gauge which made some of the pools un-fishable. I was allocated the Boat and Village for the first day and another rod Craig headed up to Pitslug. There was 1 kelt landed about 10am but that was it for the day. I had a fish take at the tail of the Village but lifted into it and felt nothing. The river was dropping all day which was good. We seen plenty fish moving in both the Boat and Village pools. The water temp was high for this time of year. It was hovering around 45f! Sean gave me a cast with his new 14ft Mackenzie DTX shooting head rod. It was matched up with a Mackenzie G2 Intermediate shooting head. What an absolute wand!!! Very impressive casting tool and it was a case of the less effort you put in the further the line flew out. Have to save my pennies and invest in one. Here are some pictures from day 1.
Looking up the Boat pool. This is where we seen most of the fish. They tend to lie just of the main current towards Kincardine bank at this height. All the way down to under the wires.
Fishing down the top of the Boat pool. Sean Stanton and Ian Fraser the ghillies have spent all winter opening this area of the pool up and have done a fantastic job. Although the wading is pretty scary in places!
Looking up to the Boat pool from mid-stream in the Village. Lovely stretch of water must be one of the most productive high water pools on the Dee.
Fishing down the Village pool and looking into a new pool called Fraser's. This pool begins at the line of trees on the right bank. It has been named after Commonty ghillie Ian Fraser to comemorate his 35 years working for Ballogie Estates.

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