Sunday, 26 February 2012

Day 2 Carlogie 24/02/2012

My second of 3 days on the Carlogie beat, River Dee. Today the water was dropping away nicely which opened up more pools for us to fish. The gauge at Potarch Bridge read 2' 6" first thing in the morning but it finished the day about 1' 9". I started my day on the Boat and Village pools and in the afternoon I headed up to another new pool called Alan's. This pool is named after long serving Ballogie tennant Alan Lankshear. He has fished on the estate for an amazing 50 years. Well done! The wind was a howling gale all day and it must have been gusting to 40mph. Not the easiest wind to cast into and made it really difficult to get a line out straight. You had to wait until the gust past and cast as quick as you could! Nothing landed for the day and not much from the whole river. Only 5 fish from the Dee! Last day on Carlogie tomorrow so hopefully the wind will have died down a good bit. Here are some pictures from today.
The new pool called Alan's. Again Sean and Ian have spent hours cutting away trees and bushes to make this fishable. They have been rewarded already with a sea-lice 10lber. Well done lads. Cracking job and lovely pool to fish. I'm sure it will produce good returns this year.
An up-stream look of Alan's pool. It is very deep just feet from the bank and you can see why the fish would rest here after pushing up through the fast water of the Long Haugh pool.
The Long Haugh pool. The fish all lie to the inside of the current as the water is really fast flowing here. The eddy at the end of the shingle is an ideal spot for a fish to rest. I seen quite a few show in here as I fished it down. It is quite open here and was really hard to fish it properly due to the gale force winds. I tried anyway.
Pitslug pool. Another good pool at this height of water. I had a kelt out of here year at the tail of the pool but nothing to report this year. The fish tend to lie from mid-stream over to the Carlogie bank all the way down. The cross over form the Dess bank at the tail of the pool.
The hut on the Pitslug pool. I like taking pictures of all the fishing huts as it makes you think of the history and stories that have been told by anglers.
Rossach Pool. The last pool I fished today. Another nice bit of water at this height. Again was not easy to cast a line out due to the wind. Did see a couple of fish showing near the tail of the pool though.

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