Friday, 20 November 2015

Flies For The Spring

It's that time of year again when my attention turns to re-stocking the tube fly boxes in preparation for the early spring fishing. I would mostly use tube flies of various sizes and weights depending on conditions but occasionally I'd give an Akroyd tied on a large single hook a swim.

I tend to keep the number of patterns I carry to a minimum just to reduce the temptation to chop and change flies all the time through out the day. Here are a selection of my go to patterns which see most action.
An old Dee favourite - The Akroyd
Gold Willie Gunns and Black & Yellows. You won't go far wrong with these in the Spring months.
Park Shrimp. All the colours associated with spring fishing. Deadly wee fly.
Maggie's Shrimp. Probably my favourite fly to use in the Spring.
Black & Chartreuse and Willie Gunn Franc N Snaeldas.
Drowned Mouse. This is a new addition to my box for next year but by no means a new pattern.

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