Saturday, 5 December 2015

Flooding On The River Dee Today

I had a trip up Royal Deeside today to photograph the river in the middle of a very large spate brought on by heavy rain and snow melt. The river peaked at 10ft on the Park gauge and was full of all sorts of debris washed off the banks. Numerous trees had been battered by the gales during the night and many of the fallen limbs ended up floating down the river on their way to Aberdeen.

Hopefully the spate hasn't caused too much damage up and down the valley and none more so than to the recently cut salmon redds. With the spawning season now peaked on most burns the wash out could have a big impact on future runs in 4-5 years time. Fingers crossed the redds will be well covered though and loss is minimal. Time will tell I'm sure.

Aboyne Bridge.
One of the huts overlooking the Lorne Pool at Aboyne Castle with the water at the door step.
Waterside Pool at Waterside and Ferrar.
A submerged hut at the Long Pool on Cambus O May.
The Garden Pool way over the banks at Glen Muick.
The same pool but looking across to the far (not really visable) bank.
A large section of spruce tree coming down river in the torrent.
One of the huts at Invercauld surrounded by water.
The Dee filling the flood plain at Braemar Castle.
The Clunie Water (left) at Braemar spilling onto the road.
The Clunie Water from the bridge in Braemar town centre.
Potarch Bridge later on in the afternoon. There is a gauge on one of the parapets which goes up to 8ft and it's about 2ft underwater!

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