Sunday, 11 November 2012

Royal Deeside Today

I went out for a drive with my son today and we headed over to Royal Deeside. At this time of year you can get some great pictures with all the trees in their Autumn colours and many kinds of wildlife on show. There was a few Salmon showing in some of the pools we passed but, try as I might, I just could not get any decent photos of them jumping. It seemed everywhere I pointed the camera, a fish would show above or below where I was focused! Here are some of my pictures from today.

Several male Pheasants feeding in a field near Aboyne.

A pair of female Pheasants feeding.

The Irrigation pool on the Birse beat of the River Dee. Cracking looking pool. Never fished at Birse but another lovely part of Deeside.

The Lorne pool on the Aboyne Castle beat. This is a great spot to look for Red squirrels in the woods out of shot to the left but I didn't see any today.

Looking upstream from the Sluie beat. The pool below is the Kelpie. I have fished the Sluie beat a few times and I will be again. Nice part of the river near to the Potarch Hotel.

Not a picture from Deeside but a nice view towards the village of Hatton of Fintray. The River Don flows through here and is exceptional for Brown Trout.

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