Monday, 19 November 2012

Green Highlander Variant

Although not a fly I've used much, I tied up this Green Highlander variant to try out next season. I tied up a couple very similar last year too if I remember correctly but never used them. Since my fly boxes are re-stocked for Spring already, I'm just tying up a few one offs. I don't really use any flies with green in them but this one looks nice. We shall see what Salmo Salar thinks!
Green Highlander Variant tied on a Yuri Shumakov tube.
A front on view showing the profile of the fly from a different angle.
The dressing is as follows:

Brass Yuri Shumakov Long Range Tube
Rib: Glo Brite Lime Green #12 (wound into grooves on tube)
Underwing: Orange Templedog, Orange Krystal Flash. Yellow Templedog, Yellow Krystal Flash
Wing: Green Arctic Fox
Hackles: Orange Badger Hackle Over Yellow Cock Hackle
Jungle Cock Cheeks
Black Eumer Conehead.

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