Monday, 26 November 2018

My First River Tweed Salmon

Last week I was fortunate enough to find myself fishing on the River Tweed for the first time in the company of Philip Black and John Fyfe. This meant getting up a 4am to arrive at the beat for 9am. It was also my first time fishing in November.
Safely in the net at last!
The early start was well worth the effort as I managed to land a cracking fresh fish late in the day. It weighed in at 20lb and fought like a tiger! It used the current and depth of the pool to it's advantage when ever it could. After an epic tussle which had my Hardy Cascapedia reel singing a merry tune, the fish was finally in the net. Not a bad fish to open my Tweed account with! It couldn't resist a Willie Gunn tube fished on a H/I/S1 line and a 10ft 7ips versi leader.

A quick photo before release.
Another one for the scrap book.

1 comment:

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