Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Fulling Mill Tube Fly Box

I was delighted to be given the new Fulling Mill tube fly box recently and it wasn't long before I got to put it through it's paces on the River Dee. It stood up to the task very well and here is a quick review of what I thought of my new fly box.
The new Fulling Mill Tube Fly Box loaded and ready for action.
The tube fly box is slightly larger than the traditional fly box style but that just means you can store more flies in it! It measures 20.6cm x 14.7cm x 2.7cm and comes with 4 compartments which span the width of the box. These compartments can be split into any size you need as it comes supplied with 16 spacers. This makes it ideal to store anything from the smallest micro tubes to the largest Sunray Shadow type flies. Having a larger fly box will also limit the bulkiness of vest or jacket pockets that numerous boxes would take up and in turn makes things easier to find.
The adjustable compartment sizes are very handy to save squashing in larger flies.
I've lost the contents of several fly boxes over the years due to dropping the box into the river whilst open or losing flies as the wind blows them out the box. With it's clear plastic lid this box is perfect for picking out your desired fly pattern without having the box open as I search for it. The sturdy clips will also keep the box tightly closed if it was ever dropped into the river and the lightweight plastic construction allows it float for easy recovery in such situations.

If you are on the market for a new fly box then I'd certainly recommend giving this one a try. The fly box retails at £10.50 which is very reasonable for what you get as some fly boxes on the market today can be double or even treble the cost of this one and will hold no where near as many flies or hooks.

Fulling Mill Tube Fly Box

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