Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Laggan - River Spey

Last Friday I had a day on the lovely Laggan beat of the River Spey. Conditions were as close to ideal as I could have hoped but the fish had other ideas. It certainly wasn't for lack of effort as I gave it my best shot but I didn't get a touch all day unfortunately. The water was sitting around 2ft on the gauge when I arrived in the morning and was dropping away nicely. The water temperature was just above 40f and the clarity was spot on too.

The Laggan beat hut.
The comfortable interior of the Lagaan hut.
After an introduction with fellow rods and ghillie, Mike Murdoch I was drawn to fish the lower part of the beat for the morning session. This consisted of the Gas Pool. Mike showed me down to the pool and pointed out the likely spots at this height but the whole pool fished very well at this height. You were just waiting for the line to tighten but sadly it didn't. Still, it was a pleasure to fish it.

The Gas Pool.
Mid way down the Gas Pool.
Looking upstream from near the tail of the Gas Pool.
After a good lunch with the other rods it was time to get going again. I was to fish the upper part of the beat this time which consisted of the Big Griggle and Bridge Pools. Again, Mike took me up and showed me the water as well as giving me a few tips on how best to fish the water. The Big Griggle was a stunning pool and I would never tire of cast a fly here. It fished beautifully at this height. We did see a fish show in here as I made my way down it but I didn't touch anything. There were plenty trout rising for the March Browns and some crackers too. After a fruitless run through the pool, Mike suggested I try the Bridge Pool but from the Carron bank and starting above the bridge.
Big Griggle. A cracking pool for fly fishing.
Looking upstream in Big Griggle.
The Bridge Pool is a very iconic place and fishing by the Carron Bridge on this hallowed ground, I must say, was a privilege. Sadly, as with the pools previous to this, I fished through them without a touch. I tried several depth in here too but to no avail. Mike and I agreed that there must be fish running in this water and sure enough, the Carron rods appeared to say that they had caught their first and second fish of the season from the upper beat.

The iconic Carron Bridge from the Carron bank.
Fishing down the south bank above Carron Bridge.
The Bridge Pool looking upstream toward Carron Bridge.
At 5pm Mike asked if we were fishing on. I decided to give the Big Griggle another run through as I enjoyed it so much the first time. I tried fishing a bit deeper in there this time round but try as I might, I couldn't get the fish to play ball and I called it day around 7pm.

Fishing down the Griggle Pool for the second time with a sinking shooting head set up.
I have to say that I was glad I'd booked a last minute rod to fish this beat. It is a fantastic setting and the pools are not bad either! The middle Spey is a special place and I'd love to see it when there are loads of fish about. It must be great to be here when it's in full swing. Hopefully one day I will return here and have a go on the upper beat.

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