Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Wester Elchies - River Spey

I was fishing the River Spey on Saturday at the beautiful Wester Elchies beat. The river level was a bit on the low side and was sitting at 3" on the beat gauge. The pools were very quiet compared with this time last year but most of the rivers on the East Coast of Scotland are in the same boat.

I was only able to fish until lunchtime as I had to be in Glasgow for the evening but I didn't miss anything in the afternoon by the sound of things. I did however, have hold of a lovely fresh sea trout about 1 1/2lbs in the Delagyle pool but as I was attempting to beach it, it came off! Not long after I hooked a finnock which also threw the hook and that was the last action of my day. Both fish took a Sunray Shadow stripped as quickly as I could manage.

Nothing caught this time but as always, it's great to be out on Speyside and I look forward to returning in the Spring of 2014.

Here are a few pictures of the beat.

Delene. I started off my day in this pool. Lovely cast and a pool where you expect the line to be drawn away almost every cast.

Looking downstream to Pol Ma Cree from the seat on the bank of Delene.

Pol Ma Cree. One of my favourite pools on the beat. One or two fish showed in the tail of the pool but I couldn't temp any of them.

The tail of Pol Ma Cree. Just a stunning piece of river to fish.

Delagyle. I have a habit of losing fish in this pool! I lost a Springer last April and lost a nice wee sea trout this time too. Another classic fly pool and one where you expect fish from neck to tail.
The usual Lunch Hut discussions about tactics, fish and such like. A good place to enjoy the craic and get to know your fellow fishermen.

Rhynd. A lovely pool with some horrendous wading further down. I didn't fish this pool but I couldn't pass it without taking a quick photo from the lay-by.

Looking across Aberlour from the top of the hill heading down towards Wester Elchies. A cracking view and a great spot to take pictures.

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