Friday, 20 September 2013

Couple Of Grilse From The River Dee Today

I was out for a couple of hours fishing the Banchory Devenick beat of the Lower Dee. This beat is fished by the Aberdeen District Angling Association and has been fishing really well of late. I managed to land a couple of wee grilse, one of which was a coloured fish about 5lb using a #11 Silver Stoat's tail and the second fish which weighed about 3lb, fell to a #13 Black Francis. The 3lb fish was a fresh fish which couldn't have been in the river long at all. No sea liced present but a bar of silver. Unfortunately, as I was taking a scale sample the fish wriggled loose from my grip and swam off so I didn't get a photograph. I will publish the results of the scale samples as soon as I get them.

Young angler, Conner Milne (9), who is going to be an expert Salmon angler come time, landed his first Salmon on the fly this afternoon. It weighed about 5lb and was covered in Long Tailed Sea Lice. As you can imaging, he was chuffed to pieces and so was his proud father. First of many I'd imagine. Well Done!

My coloured Grilse ready to be returned.

Young Conner playing his fish.

Safely in the net! Conner's first Salmon on the fly. Well Done!
A good fish landed by Bill Cook using a wee #11 Munro Killer.

Bill's second fish of the day using the same fly.

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