Sunday, 2 June 2013

River Don Salmon And Big Brown Trout

The River Don has had a fantastic Spring this year and the good fishing continued yesterday for my friend Charlie fishing at the Manar beat. He landed and returned this 7lber on his deadly Sunray Shadow variant, named the SS Assassin. (SS standing for Sunray Shadow!) It certainly does the business and has had fish from the Dee, Don and Spey to it's name already since it's creation last summer.

Perseverance was the order of the day as bright sunshine coupled with low water conditions made fishing tricky but fishing whilst the clouds covered the sun was the answer and Charlie was duly rewarded. He also lost two others using the same fly.

Another victim falls to Charlie's deadly SS Assassin.

I ventured out myself in the evening on the Lower Fintray beat of the A.D.A.A water. Nothing doing salmon wise so decided to try for Sea Trout and just as darkness fell my Blue & Silver Sunray was hammered by this big Brown Trout estimated in the 4-5lb range. As it was dark, I initially thought it was a salmon until I landed it. Didn't really do the fish justice playing it on a 14ft salmon rod but still my PB Brown Trout by a long way. The fish was returned to the river and swam away strongly. Not long after returning it, I landed another beauty of a Brownie about 2lb but I didn't photograph that one.

The River Don is renowned for it's Brown Trout fishing and specimens like this are what anglers can expect from most beats up and down the river although not as abundant as before, there are still plenty about to entice anglers from all over the world to come and fish for them.

Not a great picture due to the poor light but a cracking brown trout and these specimens are what the Don is famous for.

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