Sunday, 9 June 2013

Blue Is The Colour

As I had some space to fill in my fly boxes I decided to tie flies containing the colour blue. With low, clear water and summer conditions in mind, blue is a colour that not only works well for salmon but also for sea trout during the summer months.

Some of these patterns are relatively new whilst others are tried and tested on various rivers through-out the Northern Hemisphere catching many fish along the way.

Click on the images for a close up.

The first fly here is a variant of the Silver Wilkinson. I first came across this fly in 2008 when Ross MacDonald tied it up on the Salmon Fishing Forum. I've added the white squirrel wing instead of pink which I think works well.

#9 Silver Wilkinson Variant.
A few more in smaller sizes.

The second fly is an Arndilly Fancy. Arndilly is a famous beat on the river Spey and the original pattern was created by legendary fly tyer Megan Boyd from Brora, Scotland. This is a classic pattern and catches lots of salmon especially in the low, clear water during summer time.

#9 Arndilly Fancy.
A few more in smaller sizes.

Next up is a pattern tied by river Tay ghillie and fly tyer Martin Ritchie. The Usual Shrimp has been catching plenty salmon of late so I thought I'd tie some up. This fly uses the classic orange and yellow tail which is part of so many top fly patterns and this one has all the makings to be another.

#9 The Usual Shrimp.
A few more in smaller sizes.

This next fly is currently featured in this month's edition of Ross MacDonald's "Fly of the Month" in the Trout & Salmon magazine. The Mediator originated on the banks of the Tummel, this fly has a big following and is accountable for many fish each year. The classic "Willie Gunn" colour combo for the tail and the blue guinea fowl work really well together. I look forward to trying it and hopefully I can catch a salmon or two using it.

#9 Mediator
A few more in smaller sizes.

Last but not least, the Editor Flamethrower. I only came across this fly a few days ago whilst on the Salmon Fishing Forum but it immediately jumped out and screamed Salmon. I love the colours of this fly and think the blue and black work extremely well together. The silver body and head add a bit of sparkle to the fly giving it appeal not only to the angler but hopefully the salmon too.

#9 Editor Flamethrower.
All tied on silver #9 Salar hooks.

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