Thursday, 4 August 2011

Lower Dee Netting To Radio Tag Salmon 03/08/2011

I was out last night with several other members of the Aberdeen & District Angling Association netting one of our Lower Dee pools trying to intercept running fish for radio tagging. Scottish Water are doing major engineering works to the intake of the reservior and the River Dee biologist Dr Lorraine Hawkins and River Dee Director Mark Bilsby were on hand to tag any fish caught. This is to find out if the works will affect their migration upstream in any way. The netting has been carried out all week with the assistance of the Dee baliffs and only a few fish have been of suitable size to be tagged. There was 1 fish lost on the first run down and 2 sea trout caught on the last run last night. Very interesting to see and find out information from the River Dee staff. Here are some pictures of the netting.
The Boatman rowing the net down for the first sweep of the night.
Slowly pulling the net in to check the catch. This sweep had a small Grilse in it but it managed to escape.
Myself, Dad and Uncle, who is the ADAA River Dee Convenor looking on as the Grilse makes its getaway!
Heading upstream to try it all again at Dusk.
Pulling the net into the near bank and downstream whilst the Boatmen rows to the far bank. The last sweep of the night produced 2 sea trout.

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