Thursday, 11 August 2011

Knappach Beat River Dee 06-08-2011

To celebrate my Uncle's 50th birthday, my Auntie booked the Knappach beat just opposite Crathes on the River Dee. Seen plenty of fish in most pools and a lots of fresh looking ones too. Shortly before lunch my Uncle lost a fresh wee Grilse in the Upper Birkenbaud and after lunch I had a couple of good solid pulls in the Island Pool with a Sunray Shadow but lifted into them and nothing there!. No fish landed for our day and just after 6pm the heavens opened and it started lashing down with rain. This seemed to put the fish down as we hardly seen anything after that. We packed up about 8.30 and headed home. Here are some pics of our day.
Looking upstream at the top pool, Floating Bank. Invery is the next beat up on this bank and Crathes is opposite.

Next pool down is Corbie but it's better known as the Island Pool. I went for a swim in here whilst backing up to re-cover a fish that pulled about 3 yards of line off my reel.When I lifted into it..... Nothing! Thankfully it was quite warm and my clothes dried out pretty quickly!
Fishing the Upper Birkenbaud Pool just about where my Uncle had lost a wee fresh Grilse before lunch.
Lower Birkenbaud, where most of the fish were showing through-out the day until the heavy rain after tea time put them down.

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