Thursday, 11 July 2019

A Summer Salmon From Ballogie

Last week I had on the Ballogie Beat of the River Dee. The water was on the low side but it was nice to land a cracking fish around the 13lb mark in the morning. It put up a helluva fight in the fast current and I was delighted to finally land it a good distance down stream from where I hooked it. It hammered a Sunray Shadow as it swung round in the current. Great fun on the 12ft 6in LTS Explosive rod! 
A fine, summer salmon from the Ballogie Flats last week.
 Later on in the afternoon I lost a big fish just above the falls at Potarch. It grabbed a size 12 Cascade just on the lip and I couldn't do anything with the fish. I held into it as much as I could and it thankfully opted  for running upstream and not over the falls. I had the fish on for several minutes and I thought I had got though the hardest part of the fight but with the fish just opposite me and about 8ft from the bank, it turned into the white water again and with a fierce slap of it's tail, the fly came loose undone and the fish was off. Having seen the fish a few times it look to be around the 18-20lb mark and was a bar of silver. I would have loved to have seen that one on the bank but it wasn't to be. The fish have to win sometimes!

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