Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Park South - River Dee

I had a day on the Park South beat of the River Dee earlier this month. It was great to finally be able to have a cast on the Dee after a spell of grue and frozen temperatures caused the river to ice up badly.
The view looking downstream into Lower Kirks from the Park South hut.
The snow that had fallen began to melt several days before my arrival and on the day of my fishing the river was sitting at 2ft 3in on the beat gauge. It was a cracking day to be out fishing and I was full of enthusiasm as I was allocated the upper part of the beat to fish in the morning. My day was to begin in the Long Pool.
Looking upstream into the Long Pool from the Upper Kirks.
Looking downstream in the Upper Kirks.
I not long started in the Long Pool when I had a firm take on my fly. I lifted into what felt like a good fish. It refused to show itself and stayed deep and used the current to its advantage. It ran back and forth in the pool several times and I was sure I was into a springer. A quick phone call to the ghille and Stewart was on the back waiting with the net a few minutes later. The fish was still not willing to show itself but it eventually turned on the surface which revealed a large tail which bore some colour. After a realisation this was not a springer I applied a lot of pressure on the fish and got it to the net quickly. It turned out to be a 15lb Baggot which is an un-spawned female salmon. Not what I was after but a cracking scrap all the same.
Looking downstream in the Jetties Pool on Park South.
The remainder of the day proved fruitless for me but there were a few kelts landed by rods on both banks but no takers to my offerings. Despite this, it was a cracking day and it felt good to get out on the Dee again. The hunt for a 2019 Springer continues!

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