Sunday, 30 September 2018

North Esk Grilse

I had a day on the North Esk last week with my Dad fishing on the The Burn fishings courtesy of Alan Mowat. After trying all day to catch one of the several fish we could see in the pools, it was great to finally fool one into taking. My first salmon from the river North Esk. The coloured grilse (pictured below) was around the 4lb mark and was neither the biggest, nor the freshest fish in the pool but it was certainly a very welcome one!

My first North Esk Salmon. A small grilse around the 4lb mark from the Coffin Pool at The Burn.
Big thank you to Alan Mowat for organising the day for us and for providing breakfast too. Was also good to finally meet Davie Munro who I have been friend with on Twitter for years but just never met on the river until now. Look out for the next edition of Chasing Silver Magazine for an article by Davie Munro where he will be featuring his days fishing on the North Esk. 

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