Sunday, 17 September 2017

18lb Salmon From The River Dee

I was out on the River Dee for a cast yesterday and was lucky enough to land a cracking hen salmon around the 18lb mark from underneath the wires in the Village Pool at Carlogie. The fish took a Black and Orange Franc N Snaelda fished off a H/I/S1 shooting head and a 4ips versi leader. The river was sitting around the 3ft mark for most of the day and was heavily peat stained.

A quick photo before release back into the river. 
I don't normally take photos of fish lying on the bank but due to the high water and being on my own it was the only place I could safely land the fish. A quick photo whilst removing the fly and it was back into the water as soon as possible with minimal fuss.

Not the best picture but it gives a better idea of its size.

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