Thursday, 31 August 2017

Flies For September

One of my favourite flies to use in the final few weeks of the salmon fishing season is the Snaelda. My particular favourite is the Black Snaelda. These are tied on 10mm and 14mm Sean Stanton Signature tubes and are fitted with an Eumer S cone.
The Black Snaelda
Another favourite of mine for this time of year is the Pink Franc N Snaelda. Again, tied on 14mm Sean Stanton Signature tubes. These are deadly and the takes can be ferocious!
Pink Franc N Snaelda
Sean has his own popular website and it's well worth a browse if you are on the look out for some top quality fly tying materials or to buy the flies themselves. Follow the link to his page by clicking here

Red Frances
At this time of year it is hard to see past a Red Frances fly. i have tied these up on size 6 Fulling Mill Magni doubles and these are ideal if the water is on the low side and a bit more finesse is required. 

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