Friday, 7 July 2017

12lb Salmon From The River Dee

I had an hours fishing on the River Dee yesterday and was rewarded with a cracking fish around the 12lb mark. It was taken on a full floating line and a 3/4" hitch tube. This was my first success using the hitch fly having lost a grilse the previous week. What a buzz it is seeing the fish take the fly off the surface and then all hell breaking loose! I'll definitely be using this method again.

A quick photo before releasing the fish back into the River Dee. 


  1. Were you using a full length salmon rod - or using a switch rod - I hear it's easier to control the line on a single hander or switch for a hitch? When you say 3/4 inch - is total length including the wing? Anyway, great stuff Craig!

  2. Hi Patrick. I was using my 12ft 6in Guideline LPXe, AFS floating line and a 10ft leader of 12lb Maxima. The total length of the fly was about 1" including the treble out the end. Really is an exciting way to catch salmon and is highly addictive!!