Sunday, 17 July 2016

Salmon And The Kitchen Sink Shrimp

My Kitchen Sink (KS) Shrimp fly has really started to prove it's worth this season with good numbers of fish falling for it's charms from various corners of the Northern Hemisphere. So far it has been successful in Russia, Norway, Iceland, Ireland and several rivers here Scotland such as the Dee, Don, Spey, Lochy and Naver to name but a few. It has a small band of faithful followers and hopefully it's success will grow as the pattern becomes a bit more widespread.
A lovley 13lb Summer Salmon caught by my good pal Charlie Robertson on the Manar beat of the River Don in July. The Kitchen Sink fly sitting on it's flank.
Here are a few pictures of salmon which have taken the Kitchen Sink Shrimp fly this season. Thank you very much for the use of the photos, David Littlewood, Paul Pritchard and Charlie Robertson. Much appreciated gents.
A batch of freshly tied Kitchen Sink Shrimps ready for action.
A Kitchen Sink Shrimp fresh from the scissors of a 14lb salmon on the River Spey in June.
The very exclusive Yellow version of the Kitchen Sink which is now picking up the odd fish throughout Scotland.
Another photo of Charlie's salmon from the River Don.
A cracking 16lb Salmon caught by David Littlewood from the Upper Dee.
Yours truly with a 14lb Salmon caught on the River Spey in late June.
Kildrummy Inn proprietor, David Littlewood with a nice River Deveron springer caught back in May.

My pal Paul Pritchard with a March springer from the River Dee which took a liking to a small tube version of the Kitchen Sink.
Paul Pritchard with the first of a brace of March springers from the River Dee on 11th March.
His second March springer of the day for Paul Pritchard from the Dee. This wee cracker also fell to a Kitchen Sink.
A nice close up shot the a Kitchen Sink Shrimp in the mouth of a nice River Dee springer.

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