Thursday, 5 March 2015

How To Tie A Kitchen Sink Shrimp - Step By Step

The Kitchen Sink Shrimp.
I have put together a step by step instruction on how to tie my Kitchen Sink Shrimp fly pattern. This is a fly that I've done very well with since I created it back in 2012. It works equally well with both fresh and coloured fish, especially when the water is low or clear. I have found that the more sparsely dressed the fly, the better it works.

Materials needed to tie the fly are as follows; Silver hook, Red 8/0 Thread, Small Silver Oval Tinsel, Hot Orange Bucktail, Black Bear, White Arctic Fox, Glo-Brite No.5, Black Uni Floss, Silver Badger Hackle, Orange and Silver Krystal Flash, Jungle Cock, Clear Varnish
Lay down a layer of thread and tie in the silver oval tinsel.
Form a tag with 4 or 5 turns of tinsel.
Tie in a tail of Hot Orange Bucktail and 4 strands of Orange Krystal Flash. Make sure the silver tinsel is out the way.
Tie in Orange Glo-Brite No.5 and form a butt above the tail.
Tie in some Black Uni Floss and take the silver tinsel back to the butt as this will be the rib of the fly. Wind the floss round the shank and up to near the eye of the hook..
Form a rib using the silver tinsel. I like to have 4 turns on a hook this size.
Tie in an underwing of white arctic fox.
Add a wing of Black Bear; slightly longer than the underwing and 2 strands of silver krystal flash.
Tie in the silver badger hackle. I give it no more than 4 turns before tying it off.
Add Jungle Cock to finish the fly off and varnish.

This is the first time I have attempted something like this so I hope it's easy to follow and the fly catches you a few fish. Thank you for looking in and Tight Lines.


  1. Great SBS, easy to follow. I will tie up a couple!

  2. Thank you. Best of luck with the fly. Hope it catches you a few fish.

  3. Nice fly will tie a couple for the box