Tuesday, 9 December 2014

The Impacts Of Salmon Farming

Please take the time to watch these videos about the impacts that salmon farming is having on the populations of wild fish in not only British Columbia but where ever they are situated.

These toxic and disease magnets of farmed fish are very dangerous to native wild stocks, not just in British Columbia but closer to home here in Scotland and Ireland too. Lochs and estuaries on the West coast of Scotland are full of these salmon farms and escapes are quite common. Also, the sea lice infestations that occur around these salmon pens are decimating native juvenile fish on their migration back to sea when they get in close proximity to these farms.

It says it all really when the Norwegian Government don't even allow these farms in their own waters yet, Norwegian Salmon companies are setting up in other countries and causing huge amounts of damage to the sea beds and native fish populations.

Watching these films might just open up people's eyes to the fact that these salmon farms are quickly destroying the areas in which they operate. Hopefully they will also make consumers think twice before buying farmed salmon and what impact it has on the areas where they are produced.

Salmon Confidential

Norway, This is how you look in Canada!

 Salmon Lice On Sea Trout And Salmon

There are loads more videos on YouTube on this subject and it has come to a time where we really need to let as much people as possible see just what these farms do.

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