Sunday, 2 November 2014

Franc N Snaelda Salmon Flies

I have been busy tying up a few Franc N Snaelda tube flies for next Spring as this pattern turned out to be my most successful fly I used in 2014. It accounted for 5 out of 11 salmon I caught this year and it shall be my "go to" pattern again next year.

The pattern was invented on the banks of the River Dee by Ballogie ghillie, Sean Stanton and it incorporates both Francis and Snaelda characteristics. These types of flies were extremely popular, not only on Deeside, but on all rivers, so Sean decided to marry these two deadly patterns together and so the Franc N Snaelda was born.

Some Franc N Snaelda tubes I've tied up recently.
Some Pink Franc N Snaeldas which did well for me during the back end of the season.
Blank and Yellow Franc N Snaelda. Very popular colour combo for Spring fishing.
Green Highlander Franc N Snaelda. Not a pattern I use much at all but like the look of it tied in this style.
Junction Shrimp Franc N Snaelda. This pattern served me well during October on the River Don.
Munro Killer Franc N Snaelda. I really like this pattern tied in the Snaelda style.
Cascade Franc N Snaelda. Had some success with this pattern back in August.
Willie Gunn Snaelda. A very popular pattern in the Spring months.

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