Sunday, 12 October 2014

Park South - River Dee

Last Saturday, I fished the afternoon on the Park South beat of the River Dee thanks to a friend of mine, Paul Pritchard, who had to leave early. The water had risen earlier in the week which was a bonus but overnight rain on the Friday saw the river rising again and carrying quiet a bit of debris. When I arrived at lunch the water had risen several inches since morning and was sitting around 24" on the gauge. Despite this, Paul managed to land a fish in the morning on a Monkey and there was another caught about 4pm. A very good result given the conditions.

I didn't managed to add to the tally but really enjoyed fishing the beat as I have only ever fished these pools from the opposite bank and I was grateful to ghillie, Bert Webster took the time to show me the areas where I was most likely to encounter a fish.

Here are some pictures of the pools I fished at Park South.

The well equipped main hut on Park South.
I started my day off in the Long Pool. There were a good number of fish showing in here despite the coloured water.
Looking upstream in to the Upper Kirks from the neck of Lower Kirks.
Looking downstream from the Kirks hut.
An inscription inside the hut.
A brief period of sunshine whilst fishing down the Lower Kirks.
A rainbow over the tail of the Lower Kirks.
An upstream view of Long pool and Upper Kirks at dusk.

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