Monday, 18 August 2014

Salmon And Grilse From The Don

My pal Charlie Robertson landed these two fish from the River Don at Manar on Saturday. He had hold of 4 fish for his day and all took one of his own tied 1/2" Silver Ally copper tubes.
The first fish is a 4lbs sea liced grilse and the second is a 9 - 10 lbs cock fish. Possibly a spring fish washed down in the recent floods? It's quite unusual to get heavily coloured fish at Manar in August.

Good to see the Don picking away again after a very lengthy lean spell. Hopefully it's the start of a good run of fish entering the system. Fingers crossed.

A nice and stocky sea liced Grilse.
A close up shot of the head.

Charlie with his second fish of the day, a coloured salmon around 9-10lbs.

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