Wednesday, 12 February 2014

River Don Opening Day

I took the day off yesterday to fish the opening of the River Don at Kenmay. Conditions were near as perfect as you could ask for a February day and we were sure a fresh fish or two would come off the Don system. The water height was hovering around the 2' mark and running clear which was encouraging given the heavy rain of recent days.

I arrived on the water around 9.30am and tackled up with a Scott Mackenzie intermediate shooting head and a 10ft fast sink tip. Fly of choice was the deadly Franc N Snaelda. Not long after starting the snow started and this was when most of the action occurred. I had 3 kelts in quick succession, one of which was a cock fish and I also landed a rawner (an un-spawned male salmon). I initially thought it was another kelt as he didn't put up much of a fight. Once landed I realised this was due to taking my double hook in both top jaw and kype. It looked just like a back end fish, slightly colured and sporting a big kype but was easily seen it was not a 2014 model. It was soon returned and the snow subsided but the fish seemed to go off the take when the snow stopped, however, I did have a good number of other offers but they were just grabs at the fly most likely coming from kelts. My friend Bill also had several kelts for his day but the fresh fish were playing hard to get.

Overall, it was a fine day for fishing and good to be out on the River Don again. Not heard of any fresh fish caught from the river as yet but it is very early days for the Don.

Here are a few pictures taken yesterday of the Aberdeen & District Angling Association beat at Kemnay.

Fishing down the Dooker in the snow. I got 3 kelts and a rawner in quick succession in here during the blizzard.
Looking upstream mid way down the Dooker Pool.
Bill puts out a good line on the Dooker Pool.
Looking downstream from the top of the Island Pool.
The School Pool. A lovely cast at this height and a good holding pool.
Looking upstream from mid way down the School Pool.
Looking upstream from the tail of the Bridge Pool. I had several offers in this pool but most likely from kelts.

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