Saturday, 11 May 2013

A Brace From Manar Today

Charlie and I were out fishing on the River Don at Manar today. Conditions were near perfect and the beat gauge read 8 1/2 inches and stayed steady all day. The water temperature was 53f.
An hour or so into the morning session, Charlie hooked a fish about 11am on his favourite Sunray Shadow. The fish went for the fly twice before eventually taking it. Charlie had went back to cover the lie again and the fish made no mistake the third time! After a spirited fight, I slipped the net under a good fresh fish. We took a couple of quick photographs and measurements and the fish was returned to the river. It measured 32" long and had a 15" girth. We estimated it to be 13lbs. A great start to the day. Always pleasing to see salmon being caught on the beat whilst out fishing.

After lunch we headed to the top part of the beat and not long after starting, I connected with a lively fish which about pulled the rod out my hand! It was holding in the fast water and staying deep which is usually a sign of a good fish. The fish made some unstoppable runs and gave me a very nervous moment when I thought I had lost the fish. The line had gone slack as it was wrapped round the fish but luckily it was well hooked and the line was soon free again. After a very dogged scrap which lasted 10 minutes or so, Charlie expertly netted the fish. Finally got my first fish of the season under my belt and a springer from the Don makes it even better! Again, after some quick pictures and measurements, the fish was returned. It also measured 32" long and also had a 15" girth which was exactly the same as Charlie's fish. Like 2 peas in a pod!

Here are some pictures from today.

Charlie and his 13lb Springer.

Charlie returning his fish.

My first fish of the season. A 13lb Springer from the River Don.

Returning the fish.

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