Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Some Flamethrower Flies

I had a few spare hours tonight and spent them at the vice tying up some Flamethrower flies for the coming months. As well as some of the more popular Flamethrower patterns like the Willie Gunn or Cascade I tied up a few different ones such as the Thurso Dog and the Munro Killer.

Thurso Dog Flamethrower

Black Bear Flamethrower

Willie Gunn Flamethrower

Munro Killer Flamthrower

Cascade Flamethrower

Ghillie Fly. Not a Flamethrower but I had one #12 Gold Esmond Drury Treble left and the Ghillie fly suit these hooks down to a tee.


  1. Those are crackers mate! Lovely tying. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Cheers Paul much appreciated, glad you like them. Hopefully they do the business.