Monday, 16 July 2012

Franc N Snaelda

After reading about the success of Ballogie ghillie, Sean Stanton's Franc N Snaelda fly, I have tied up a couple to give a swim on the Don this weekend. I also have a weeks fishing on the Dee coming up at the end of the month so they will get a proper soaking then.

Sean has an on-line shop which sells flies that have been proven catchers of fish on his beats of the Dee. His flies can be bought here.

I really like the profile of Snaelda flies and often use them during the season. I have tied these up on 3/4" plastic tubes with small cone heads. With the water still running at a good height they might just be ideal for this weekend. I hope so anyway.

I took the dressing from local angler and fly tyer Ross MacDonald's article in the Trout and Salmon magazine. Ross himself is a very innovative fly tyer and his Park Shrimp is now found in almost every fly box.
The blue and yellow versions of the Franc N Snaelda.
The dressing from the Trout and Salmon is as follows:

Thread: Black
Tail: Black Bucktail/Four Strands Silver Krystal Flash/Four Blue or Yellow Feelers 
Rear Hackle: Black Cock Hackle
Body: Medium Chenille (I've used black wool)
Rib: Oval Silver (I used gold for the yellow version)
Front Hackle: Blue or Yellow
Head: Silver or Gold Cone

Chartreuse and Wiliie Gunn Franc N Snaeldas tied on Sean Stanton Signature tubes.

My favourite. Pink Franc N Snaeldas. Deadly in the Autumn. Also tied on Sean Stanton Signature tubes.

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