Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Trout and Salmon Forum Fly Swap

I have taken part in my first fly swap on the Trout and Salmon Forum. This is the 10 flies I have tied up for it. They are my own take on a fly called the Dinnet Shrimp. I have landed 1 fish and lost 4 on this fly since early October. Im going to tie up some tube versions for the Spring and give them a swim. Here are a few pics of the fly.
Group picture of all 10 flies.
A close up shot of the fly.
Below is the materials needed to tie this fly.

Tag : Oval Silver Tinsel.
Tail : Mixed Red and Yellow Bucktail with a few strands of Black.
Body : Silver Holographic Tinsel.
Rib : Oval Silver Tinsel.
Beard : Squirrel Tail Dyed Red.
Underwing : Golden Pheasant Tippet over Squirrel Tail Dyed Red.
Hackle : Black
Thread : Black

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